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Aishwarya’s Spokesperson Demands Her Name To Stop Being Used For The Publicity Of Heroine

Aishwarya Rai Sep 12, 2011 No comments
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Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Yet again, Heroine is in the news. We have all heard enough rumours cropping up every now and then about Madhur Bandharker’s “Heroine”, which seems to be making more news than it is making any progress towards completion.

As we have all heard, Aishwarya is not doing Heroine anymore and has also returned the signing amount for the film, but is upset that her name is still being linked with the project. Her spokesperson has sent out a legal notice to the producers of the film to stop using her name in any manner to promote a project she is not doing any longer.

According to the spokesperson, facts have been left ambiguous about the recent developments at the Heroine production camp, but what is still happening is that Aishwarya’s name is being used by the producers to promote the film. The spokesperson also emphasized that the media was taking advantage of the fact and carrying out stories that never happened.

The story that Aishwarya Rai was peeved that Kareena Kapoor had been signed for the film because Aishwarya chose to back out, is utter nonsense said the spokesperson. The actress had never done any such thing. It was stressed that such allegations be taken back and the records put straight. Aishwarya had given the essential dates to the makers, but it was they who stopped the shooting all of a sudden, leaving it completely vague as to when the shooting would resume. Whether it would restart or the project had been scrapped, was simply not disclosed.

“So where is the question of her stepping out of the project arise. We all know, it was they who replaced her without notice when they heard of her pregnancy”, alleged the Spokesperson. “These rumours and obscure stories are pointless and must be put an end to. No one has the right to comment on Aishwarya’s reaction when in fact there have been none. I believe that all facts have been put right, which means that this chapter should be closed here, once and for all. I also request the media not to conjure up slanderous stories and drag my client’s name in it now, nor in the future”, reiterated the spokesperson.


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