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Bipasha Clueless on John’s Butt Insurance

Bipasha Basu Sep 2, 2010 No comments
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Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

The sultry beauty of Bollywood is a fitness freak. And this is a known fact. She is all set to fly to Goa for her latest video shoot where she would be sharing some fitness tips and tricks. Why Goa? “I want it to be shot outdoors in Goa. Winter gets too crowded. And I’ve a film to shoot in September. So I’ve to rush the video,” says Bipasha.

You must have seen her many television commercials where she is seen keeping a count on her calories and so turning to sugar substitutes. Is she a calorie freak in her real life also? To this she says, “I am going crazy doing my calorie counts. This time I’ve no team. I am doing everything on my own. It’s a little boring to do it by myself. But I’ve always been a loner.” Really Bipasha!

There were rumors about the breakup of this dusky diva with her beau John Abraham. But she denies and laughs off all such rumors. She is confident of her relationship with John and states, “God forbid, if anything were to go wrong between me and John, he would be the loser not me.”

When inquired about the much talked butt insurance of John, she candidly refuses to have any knowledge about it. “I’m a body person and I am definitely into fitness. But I’d never insure any body part. He’s welcome to do what he likes. I just want to know which insurance company is insuring his butt,” she explains.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

So if you were expecting a similar insurance plan by Bips then this may disappoint you. John might have done anything to ensure his body parts, but this leggy lass isn’t planning any such thing. Moreover she finds it baseless to ensure one of your body parts.

Recently we got to hear of Minisha Lamba’s plans also to get her butt insured. She was quoted saying that she looked a Brazilian and has got loads of compliments for her protruded assets. So she is planning to get her prized possession insured.

Seems like, everyone has got too conscious of the butt matter.


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