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Bipasha’a discomfort in John’s comfort

Bipasha Basu Aug 25, 2010 No comments
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Bipasha Basu

Hot Bollywood Babe Bipasha Basu

Undoubtedly Bips and John make a good couple. Their love affair is not hidden from anyone. They have scorched the silver screen also with some of the steamy scenes they did in Jism of the Bhatt banner. But as every possessive beloved, Bips is not comfortable with the fact John do some intimate scenes with any other actress. This fact came in forefront very recently when Bipasha Basu was seen in a fit of anger after seeing the love making scenes of John and Sonal Sehgal in his upcoming film of Nagesh Kuknoor.

Nagesh has made the film Aashyein where John and Sonal Sehgal play the lead role. As per the demand of the script (O really!) they had to shoot some steamy scenes. The movie has just gone on floors but the buzz of it has spread all around. The reason is quite simple. Not the star cast, not the story nor any controversy, just one simple thing – the titillating scene of John and Sonal.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha is not at all happy when she saw her dashing beau is getting too cozy with the pretty Sonal in Aashyein. But it is all part and parcel of the industry. According to a reliable source from the film, “John and Sonal’s love-making scenes come at a crucial point in the film and take the story in a new direction. Before shooting it, Nagesh explained the motive behind the passionate scene to both the actors.”

John might have been too pleased to shoot for the sequence and surely would have enjoyed kissing and smooching Sonal but in his wildest of the dreams he might not have had an idea that her sultry girlfriend would throw a fury over the whole issue.

Now when Bipasha is not comfortable with John’s seeking comfort in any other actress’ company, John is left with other choice but to see all this mutely and be a victim of Bip’s wrath. Moreover most interesting thing would be to see the much hyped ‘ass’ of John which he wishes to get insured for not less than 10 million.

Well Bipasha you have to accept that John is not guilty of anything he is just doing what is wanted of him. Being a part of film industry he is bound to do such things off and on.


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