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Bipasha Down with Severe Infection

Bipasha Basu Sep 2, 2010 No comments
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Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

It’s raining cats and dogs in Mumbai. Unremitting rains and contaminated water has made Bipasha Basu forgo her plans of diving classes for some time. The dusky beauty, who is featuring in Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maro Dum, has to perform some high-octane deep-sea action scenes in the movie. She was whetting her swimming skills for the film.

Anees had been training all the while before she was caught by a severe infection. Anees helps coordinate the underwater sequences for the Bollywood films. Sources report that Bipasha was also taking training under his guidance in a swimming pool at Bandra Club in deep end of it. But as she was attacked by viral infection, they had to put the plans on hold for a couple of days. She is seriously unwell these days.

Confiorming the news she says, “First, they stopped because I picked up a severe infection from swimming in the pool and fell ill for 10 days. I ran a fever and couldn’t get out of bed as I was feeling very weak. And now, the crazy rains have stopped my diving lessons. Everything depends on the weather conditions.”

On completion of the Mumbai business, she has to leave for Maldives where she had to take a more intensive course in deep sea diving. But as her health concerns are foremost she has put those plans also on hold. After all how can one take risks!

She says, “Now even that depends on the climatic conditions. Everything is on halt because of the weather. I was to leave for Maldives by this time for an open diving and scuba diving course.”

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

But we wonder why does Bips need that course? She has answer to that even. “I need to do that for Rohan’s Dum Maaro Dum but to shoot underwater, you need to do a certified diving course with a trainer. Then I can dive in any part of the world. It’s an international diving license and I was going to Maldives as it is close by and I have never been there before,” she tells us.

Not only her sea diving plans but her new Bandra terrace apartment is also affected due to the ceaseless rains in Mumbai. She was reported grieving about her new apartment. She says, “My false ceiling keeps leaking and water comes into my bedroom. Work has come to a standstill as we are waiting for the leakage to stop. Nobody has a clue as to why it has been leaking incessantly for the last three months. I am so fed up, half the times I don’t stay here.”

Gosh! It’s not just slums of Mumbai but the celebrity homes are even affected by the persistent rainfall. Let us pray that life gets back to normal when rains stop in Mumbai.

We also wish Bipasha a speedy recovery.


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