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Bips keen on taking issue based films

Bipasha Basu Sep 7, 2010 2 Comments
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Bipash Basu

Bollywood Actress Bipash Basu

The model turned actress Bipasha Basu is one of the promising actresses of the film industry. She is not in the cat race of being on the so called number one chair. The sultry beauty is adamant on taking up projects that have something concrete for her to do except singing songs with the hero beside the trees in a groove.

Her last project Lamhaa was a film that was based on of the most burning issue in India that has even International recognition – Kashmir. The film has dealt with the issue of burning Kashmir very deeply. Bipasha had played a very prominent role in the film where she had shot some action sequences also. Atta gal.

Now she is associated with Aakrosh. This upcoming movie of Bipasha will also feature Ajay Devgan, Aksahye Khanna, Paresh Rawal, Amita Pathak (the daughter of Kumar Mangat Pathak) and many more brilliant actors.

Bipasha plays the role of a schoolteacher in Aakrosh. She is teacher in one of the schools in a traditional and orthodox village of north India. She is experimenting with her image and transforming into a serious actress from a glamour doll used to lure first bench audiences. Even she says, “For me the interesting part of doing Aakrosh was to see how far away I can get away from my glamorous image. I discovered it was easy for me to do real characters.”

We saw Bipasha in Aprahan with Ajay Devgan where she appeared sans make up as the director of the film Prakash Jha wanted her to do so. She was also seen a strong role in Zameen where Ajay also featured along with Abhishek Bachchan.

As she has earlier worked with the expert director Priyadarshan, she is all praises for him even in Aakrosh. “The director Priyadarshan is a delight to work with and my co-star is Ajay Devgan who is a good dependable actor. I’ve another film Mr. Fraud with Ajay directed by Abbas-Mustan which got stuck. I don’t know if that will ever release.”

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

Not only she is tempted to enact in substantial films but she readily offers a piece of advice to her colleagues even to not charge any money for working in such films. “It’s the only way to make issue-based films commercially viable,” she maintains. “When a mainstream actor does a film on a social cause it should be done free of cost as a sign of commitment to society.” Point noted madam.

Post Lamha she even gave advice to Rahul Dholakia. “After Lamhaa I am tempted to tell a committed filmmaker like Rahul Dholakia to make out-and- out commercial films. Or if you make a film on a social issue then make sure it doesn’t go over-budget,” she says.

Besides Aakrosh, she is doing another issue based movie Dum maro Dum of Rohan Sippy (the son of Ramesh Sippy who made blockbuster Sholay).

It’s good to see the glamour doll doing some good roles in the films. Go ahead Bips we are sure you are on the right track.


2 Responses to “ Bips keen on taking issue based films ”
  1. Ajay Kumar Singh

    what happened to the other issues with which she landed in Bollywood, let’s say sex, kisses etc etc… fed up with that?

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  2. sandeep atowal

    aakhiyo se pyar jhalta hai ……..wah kya hai baat hai

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