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No Romance in Aatma – Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu Mar 11, 2013 2 Comments
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Bipasha Basu Hot in Aatma

No Romance in Aatma – Bipasha Basu

Bengali dusky hottie Bipasha Basu has disappointed her fans by saying that there is no romance (read sex) scenes in her upcoming supernatural Drama Aatma.

Bipasha is playing the lead role opposite an unknown newcomer in Aatma which is directed by Suparn Verma. The move will release on 22nd March 2013.

“Please don’t look out for romance. Every film cannot have romance. You can be husband and wife but not necessary that romance is there in the forefront. There is a story… it is not just a supernatural horror film,” Said Bipasha while speaking to the media in Mumbai.

The film revolves around a mother, played by Bipasha Basu who fights with ghosts of her father to keep her safe. The film depicts the horror and fear of loosing your loved ones. There is a lot of emotionsa and human drama involved in the film and Bipasha liked it.


2 Responses to “ No Romance in Aatma – Bipasha Basu ”
  1. Saroj

    Seriouslly Dude?

    This woman is a whore, she fucks around with every man she finds. She even fucks with dirty politicians like Amar Singh. Search the web and you will find how filthy she could be. She is a shameless sonagachi slut.

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  2. Manoj Kashyap

    Bollywood movie without romance? You must be kidding, I’m not going to waste my hard earn money to watch serious Bollywood movies. Get a life man!

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