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Deepika and her Sparkling Connections

Deepika Padukone Aug 18, 2010 No comments
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Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a model turned actress and we are sure she misses her ramp walk. But recently this tinsel town queen became a showstopper for Farah Ali Khan at the India International Fashion Week (IIJW). The new collection of Farah ‘Adaayein’ truly got that ethnic essence when it got affiliated with Deepika’s ‘Adaayein’. We know why Deepika was looking amazingly gorgeous. Arre bhai, there was Siddhartha present at the event who cheered her lady constantly. Who Siddhartha? Hmm, none other than THE Siddartha Mallya, son of Vijay Mallya. It is not yet official as of yet, but there is much buzz around that Deepika and Siddhartha are a couple and have been seeing each other for quite a while now.

Held at a posh five star luxurious hotel in the suburbs of amchi Mumbai the India International Fashion week was one of the most discussed events of recent times. Farah Ali Khan has unveiled her latest collection of jewelry which she termed as a fusion of tradition and contemporary styling. Deepika was chosen as the show stopper as she is that perfect persona which represents style with a blend of tradition and modern elegance.

Apart from the show there is one more sparkling connection in Deepika’s life. Rumors have it that Siddhartha and Deepika are in love with each other. They have been spotted together on several occasions. Perhaps it all started after Deepika’s becoming the Brand Ambassador for Royal Challengers, the IPL team owned by Vijay Mallya. Deepika’s straightforwardness for the relationship with Siddhartha was evident way back in 2009 even during the launch of Kingfisher Swimsuit calendar.

Reportedly Katrina Kaif is the brand ambassador for the team but when Deepika was invited especially, it aroused curiosity and when she was spotted in the VIP bracket of Siddartha Mallya then the news knew no boundaries. It sprung up immediately and spread like an epidemic.

Siddhartha and Deepika

Siddhartha and Deepika

Her ex- beau Ranbir Kapoor is now out of her life completely. After all why should she sob for so long in this face paced industry? Siddhartha and Deepika make a good pair though. But before taking a step further in the relationship she is cautious. May be her last experience with Ranbir has compelled her doing so.

Sources report that there had been many endeavors by the common friends of Ranbir and Deepika to make their relationship work and rekindle that spark in their love but nothing substantial worked out. Eventually they parted their ways and now Deepika has got someone whom she can rely on and love.

In such a situation we can only hope that this time the Bollywood diva has got her Mr. Right.


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