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Deepika Padukone turns blind!

Deepika Padukone Aug 18, 2010 2 Comments
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Deepika Padukone in Lafangey Parindey

Deepika Padukone in Bollywood Movie Lafangey Parindey

To the die- hard fans of Deepika Padukone who adore her, this comes as a real shock. She has turned blind and cannot see this beautiful world around her with her eyes. Yes it is true but partially. Let us give you some relief. It is not in real life that she has turned blind rather in her reel life she has to lose her vision. In her forthcoming movie Lafangey Parindey she is playing the character of a blind girl Pinky who is a regular worker at a local mall in Mumbai and during night one can see her as a skating dancer. To ply out the character of blind girl was one of the most difficult tasks and most challenging role according to Deepika.

To quote her in her own words, “For me, this role out of all the films that I have done was the most challenging. It’s not been easy. It required a lot of focus and concentration. I had to observe a lot of blind people before I could play this role.”

She in deeply in love with her character she essays in Lafangey Parindey. Ask her and she readily accepts that she can relate with Pinky because as Pinky, she herself is ‘extremely self-assured.’ In real life also Deepika nurtures the never say die spirit. She is quite confident and ambitious in real and reel life.

She maintains that to play a character of visually impaired girl was difficult as she has ostentatiously pretended that she could not see anything around her when actually she could. Moreover she hadn’t resorted to props like black goggles or a walking stick that could help her look like a blind lass. So it required more efforts on her part to act as a blind girl.

One more thing that our pretty lady has learnt for this film and by this film is skating. She had to take lessons in skating in order to portray the character of a skating dancer, though in real life she has hands-on experience in sky- diving and scuba diving. But she states, “It’s always nice to challenge your limits.”

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone in Lafangey Parindey

Earlier she had a phobia of heights but post Lafengey Parindey the case is not the same anymore. In a self confession she accepts that earlier she was afraid to peep out of a flying plane. But now she has changed and is not scared to look down while flying.

Deepika is extremely excited about her role and is optimistic about the fate of the film. She is equally elated for the on screen chemistry that she shares with Neil Nitin Mukesh in the film. ‘It was nice working with him. He is extremely possessive and protective.’

As audience, we have seen many bollywood queens playing a blind girl, the most contemporary among them being Rani in Black and Kajol in Fanaa. But it would be really something different to see this lady as a blind girl who lives in the suburbs of Mumbai and aspires to be what is apparently difficult, if not impossible, for others.


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