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What would Deepika gift Ranbir?

Deepika Padukone Nov 10, 2010 No comments
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Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

So what if Deepika and Ranbir are not a couple, Deepika does not mind talking about him. Their break up hasn’t stopped her from keeping him in her mind. Recently Deepika sparked some rumors when she got the tattoo of Ranbir’s initials removed from her nape reportedly. But the news turned out to be false. Recently while shooting for a talk show she confessed candidly that she would never get the tattoo removed from her body irrespective of the current status of their relationship.

Deepika told this to Karan Johar in his talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Deepika told Karan that her tattoo is a symbol of her commitment and love for Rabir. Deepika got the tattoo done on her nape when their love was at its peak. Reportedly Deepika was cheated on by Ranbir and thrown out of his life.

But this incident does not have indelible mark on her memory. She has moved on his life. Professionally she is flourishing. She bagged some of the most interesting projects in Bollywood and some fantastic films are lined up for release. When asked of her new relationship with Siddhartha Mallya she preferred to remain nonchalant.

Though she is off and on seen with Siddhartha, she refuses to comment on her relationship. Neither she agrees nor does she deny the rumors of her love affiliation with him.

As the talk show progressed Deepika made a statement that astonished everyone. When asked what gift she would like to give to Ranbir, she replied that she would like to gift a pack of condoms to her ex beau.

Sexy Deepka Padukone in Bikni

Sexy Deepka Padukone in Bikni

Her statement clearly indicates that she still holds grudges against Ranbir. This also indicates that she hasn’t forgiven him for his betrayal.

Secondly when Karan asked her opinion on Ranbir and Katrina’s dating and reported relationship. Her answer was a little odd which confused even Karan.

She replied that she wanted to check Katrina’s passport. Dippy! Now what is that you want to check in Kat’s passport?

Well whatever she meant we are sure that now there is no way that Deepika and Ranbir would ever patch up.


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