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Kangna Ranaut Absent on Music Launch of Rascals

Kangana Ranaut Sep 17, 2011 No comments
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Hot Kangana Renaut

Hot Kangana Renaut

Everywhere there was one thing thronging people’s mind present at the music release of ‘Rascals’. The leading lady of the film Kangna Ranaut was missing from the party. And no, it wasn’t any other commitment of hers which kept her away from the event. Rather much to everyone’s surprise, the actress wasn’t invited by the makers of the film at all.

An industry insider reveals that Ajay and Sanjay are miffed with the fair skinned lady. She doesn’t come in good books of these stars. And because of this, she would be absent from the film promotions also. When she was not invited at the music release of the film, Sanjay and Ajay made the speculations pretty clear that Kangana isn’t important for them anymore.

At various other occasions the two stars have turned cold shoulders to Kangna Ranaut but this time there is nothing left to speculations and thoughts. It had cleared that they don’t want to be associated with the lass at any cost. The sources from the industry are whispering that the reason behind the rivalry is Sanjay-Ajay’s war with Kangna.

Actually it so happened that Kangana had been flaunting of her association with these two men for quite a while. This not only miffed these two men but their wives Manyata and Kajol also. Too much of flaunting of connection irked the star jodis, hence they tried to keep themselves away from Kangana. It wouldn’t be surprising for anyone now that Kangana won’t be a part of any future projects of these two actors.

However, Sanjay Ahluwalia, the co-producer of the film has some different story to tell us. According to him there is no anger of controversy between the two actors and Kangana that kept her away for the event. Rather it was a unprofessional behavior of Kangana that she has been deliberately kept away from the film’s marketing.

The makers of the film are upset with the actress as she tried to hike her acting price as the film proceeded towards its completion.  “She left the dubbing mid-way and refused to co-operate unless her remuneration was hiked. Now, the producers have also filed a complaint against her in CINTAA for the same,” says a source.

Another source adds, “Kangana has been going about town talking about her bikini look on her own without the film’s publicists being involved.”

“Everyone in the industry knows the clout that the two stars hold. It would be ridiculous to think that they had nothing to do with this at all. They are clearly targeting Kangana,” adds another source.


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