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Has Katrina really broken up with Salman Khan?

Katrina Kaif Sep 8, 2010 No comments
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Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

The Bollywood industry is very peculiar and equally peculiar are the people associated with it. Time and again relationship changes, the partners changes, rumors travel with the speed of light. Very recently the b town was abuzz with one of the greatest break ups ever in the film industry- Salman Khan and Katrina.

Salman declared in a press conference that he was single and had broken up with Katrina, though he never gave any reasons for it. He just said that at times few things doesn’t work between two people and because of that they have to break up but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be good friends also. He accepted that even after their break up, Kat will remain his friend if not his girl friend.

As soon as media got this spicy story of the break up they rushed to Kat for her comments. She was endorsing a product when someone asked her about the break up issue. First she avoided the question by saying, “I am here to endorse a product so let us talk about it only.” But after all she is also a human. When pressed much by the reporters she broke down into tears and said, “If Salman says he is single, then I’m also single. When I did not speak about the relationship initially why I would say about the break up now.”

Not only Salman, Kat is much attached with the other members of his family and especially his sister Alvira Khan. It seems that they both are in state of fix where they are themselves not sure of the status of their relationship. Time and again there has been much melodrama pertaining to their love affair.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

When Salman made announcement of his break up he was not seen gloomy but just after a couple of days even he broke in tears and his pain ran down his cheeks in form of tears. Now hardly a week after their break up news, they were seen chit-chatting with each other jovially in a vanity van at film city. The amicable Salman and the glad Kat looked much happy in each other’s company. No one, who must have seen them together at the Film City, can say that ever had a break up.

Few days back we even heard that Salman laughed at the rumors of their break up. May be all this is happening as Salman has always wanted be in news in any way. Or may be Farah Khan has played a role in their patch up for her film Tees Maar Khan where the couple had to perform on an item number.

Whatever might be the reason, if Salman and Katrina patch up and continue with their relationship, we are sure, they would be happy with each other. Even their fans would love to see them together on and off screen. Kyu Guys, Right?


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