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Kat Sheds Her Inhibitions

Katrina Kaif Dec 4, 2010 No comments
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Kat Sheds Her Inhibitions

Kat Sheds Her Inhibitions

Rather it is the choreographer turned director Farah who has convinced Katrina Kaif of the sensational oomph in her. In the upcoming film of Farah Khan where she has taken Akshay Kumar instead of her favorite friend Shahrukh Khan, she also includes an item number in it.

The song titled ‘Sheila ki jawani’ portrays Kat in a really different look where she dons a hot white satin saree. Whosoever sees the sensational Kat half draped in the sexy saree cannot resist him from praising the actress for her classy yet sexy look. Kat has never been seen in this kind of an avatar.

Farah is quite confident of the item number. She says, “‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ was supposed to be a raunchy item Bhojpuri kind of song as Katrina`s a wannabe actress acting in sleazy films but the song shaped out to be classy and a mix between Chicago and Broadway. I have never seen Katrina looking both hot and sensuous at the same time. In her earlier films, she`s dressed mostly like a Barbie doll.” This means that Kat has moved out of her cocoon and shed the image of a Barbie doll. “She is sizzling hot. In fact those who have seen her ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ have already been tweeting about it. Moreover, it is not just the look which is the centre of attraction here,” says Farah.

Kat’s dedication for the song is evident in the shooting sequences. It is for the first time that Kat is doing an item number in a Bhojpuri style. Her confidence boosted up by the junior artists who were cheering her in the song. “Katrina really trusted me and didn`t argue even once when I told her what she had to wear. She just told me that she needs to start working out and tone her body more.

Hot Katrina Kaif in Sheela Ki Jawani

Hot Katrina Kaif in Sheela Ki Jawani

I never told Katrina to lose weight. We shot ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ in five days and every day we had a new set and new costumes. For the satin bed sheet, we had a 10 feet rotating bed with the men around her. She would shoot with us and then go and work out at 11.30 pm so that her abs would be toned. Her dedication is tremendous. She didn`t feel awkward with so many men around. The more they screamed and cheered for her, the more she got a high and her energy levels increased,” says the excited Farah.

Even Shirish, husband of Farah Khan, is associated with the film. He maintains, “She was very careful about how she would look in those clothes and hence was eating just the right kind of food. When it came to her look in the film, Katrina always knew that she would have to wear certain kind of costumes in the film.”

Well Farah, we are sure Kat and your team work will scorch the silver screen.


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