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Katrina and Salman no more a couple!

Katrina Kaif Aug 20, 2010 No comments
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Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

In the industry where hardly any relationship survives for long, the recent relationship that saw its doom is of sizzling Katrina and dashing Salman. Yes it’s true and its official, Sallu mia is not seeing Kat baby anymore. Gosh! One more break up. Come on Salman and Katrina, how can you guys do this do each other? After all you make a nice couple and we want to see you two together on and off screen.

Next time your rendezvous with the Bollywood bombshell Katrina is bound to be sans Salman’s topics. ‘Boom’ introduced Katrina to the film industry some time ago and after then she went into the oblivion for quite a while. It was Salman who rescued the extinguishing career of Katrina. Soon cupid played its role and they fell in each other’s love. Janta, Salman and Katrina – everybody was optimistic about the relationship both of them shared.

Soon directors were after them to act opposite each other. It was a pleasure to see Katrina and Salman sharing the screen space in ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kia’ and ‘Partner’. The films where Kat and Sallu appeared acting opposite each other were a super success on the box office. They scorched the screen together.

Alas! The magic is over now and expectedly we will not be seeing the happening couple on screen in future. Rumors of their break up started way back last year when their public appearances got thinner gradually but now it has been confirmed by Salman.

Speculations always had been there about their diminishing relationship. Katrina was getting more engrossed in her career and there Salman was busy with other ventures. Their love was at stake obviously.

Katrina Kaif Hot

Katrina Kaif Hot

Salman has confirmed the news of their break up. He had made it public by declaring blatantly that they both are not in a love relationship with each other anymore. Though he has broken the love relationship with Kat but they will share a bond of friendship. (O! really) Katrina had always denied her link up with Salman and maintained that she was single and not seeing Salman. We wonder what she will have to say after Salman’s announcement of their broken love relationship.

Salman always had some unsuccessful relationship be it Sangeeta Bijlani or Aishwarya Rai. The recent addition is Katrina. When they were in relationship they have always been implicit but their break up is quite explicit. (Can’t say why so?)

We just hope each of them finds love in life and they enjoy a blissful relationship with or without each other.


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