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Minissha Lamba Geared up To Walk on a Ramp in Bikini

Minissha Lamba Aug 29, 2011 No comments
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Minissha Lamba doesn’t want to leave any of the stone to be unturned and for this she is making sure that she attains perfection in her next film where she is supposed to take part in a beauty contest.

Minissha Lamba in Bikini

Minissha Lamba in Bikini

But unfortunately she hasn’t ever walked a ramp. Nevertheless the diligent actress has decided to make herself perfect and walk the ramp by watching videos and taking a lesson from them.

For a long time rumors were ripe that Minissha Lamba would be seen in a swim suit in the movie ‘Hum Tum Shabana’. Model Pia, her co-star of this film is also reported to be donning bikini along with her.

Revealing more about it, a source associated with the movie told a leading newspaper, “A beauty pageant happens to be an integral part of the storyline as well. The entire setting is quite glamorous and beautiful with number of exciting rounds of competition, one of them being a swimsuit round.”

Minissha Lamba however has had a nightmarish experience recently when she was held captive by Hurricane Irene which struck the US East Coast yesterday. She is in New York to promote an India – U.S cultural program and is stuck high on the 22nd floor of a hotel. It is reported that she is likely to remain there till the hurricane blows over and air services are restored and life gets back to normal.

Confirming the same Minissha spoke from the New York’s Radisson Hotel, “It’s really scary out here. For 36 hours, the entire New York will have to stay indoors. A state of emergency has been declared.”

Adding further she said, “Everyone is in their homes. As I look out of my hotel window, I see a deserted street down below. Can you imagine New York without traffic? It’s like a scene out of Armageddon.”

She is all there. Revealing more about her experience she said, “My stay has been extended for a week. I had no choice. The airports are shut. All flights are cancelled. Half of New York, New Jersey, Staten Island has been evacuated. I can’t return.”

Strangely enough when she was about to fly for New York, she had been receiving phone calls that cited not to fly down to New York and cancel the entire trip.

“Now I wonder if the caller had a premonition and was trying to warn me from travelling into catastrophe. I hope I can return the soonest possible. Maybe I should just enjoy Irene’s company. She’s my first hurricane. I believe first hurricanes are like first love. You never forget it,” says the actress.


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