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Nargis Fakhri heading to London

Nargis Fakhri Dec 7, 2012 No comments
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Post ‘Rockstar’ Nargis had been busy with other ventures, but now she is gearing up for another Bollywood movie titled ‘Madras Café’. Nargis is playing the role of aUKbased journalist for which she has already started preparations.

Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri

These days she is trying hard to drop her US accent of speaking English and adapt theUKone. A close source to Nargis informs, “She is inLondoncurrently where she is not only trying to perfect her accent, but is also interacting with journalists there to understand their lifestyle. She will be visiting several studios too, to meet the reporters and get a hang of their style of functioning.”

When Nargis did her debut movie, she received a mixed response from critics and fans. Few people liked her performance while few commented on her acting skills and diction. On this aspect also the same source adds, “She undergoes voice training classes, is working on her accent and honing her acting skills too. She is very serious about her career here and is not shying away from hard work at all.”

Her second film is coming after a long gap. Though Nargis has many offers in her kitty but she didn’t pick any of those just out of blue. She took her time to choose her next film. “Since she is trying to make it here completely on her own, she is being rather choosy and careful about the work that she does. She doesn’t want to commit to anything that she would later regret. Besides she is in no rush and feels that the films she is doing now are all worth the wait,” explains the source.

Nargis is too happy for ‘Madras Café’ as it a John Abraham’s film. An insider says, “Nargis is very excited about her upcoming John Abraham film, as she feels it’s a strong role and not just another glamorous outing. She is looking at roles that require her to do more than just look good onscreen.”


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