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Priyanka Frenzied to See Coziness of Shahid and Asin

Priyanka Chopra Aug 27, 2010 No comments
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Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Are they really a couple? Yes, the incidents of their life reveal that they are in a love relationship. They have patched up post Kaminey and now seeing each other though they deny this publically. But if they were not a couple then what could be the possible reason behind Priyanka’s anger on the sets of a commercial where Shahid and Asin had been shooting.

Asin is one of the prettiest ladies of the film industry. Shahid is among the most sought after actor. They both make a cute couple and so a director thought of casting them in a TV commercial. As per the demands of the commercial, they both had to speak a couple of sentences in Hindi and in Tamil. Asin, a multilingual is equally proficient in seven languages including Tamil and Hindi. When Asin saw that Shaid was not comfortable with Tamil part she tried to help him by telling him how to go about for the Tamil lines.

At that very moment Priyanka came to the sets of commercial where she saw Shahid and Asin were enjoying each other’s company too much. They were having a great time together which Priyanka could not stand. Being too possessive about Shahid, Priyanka did not like his coziness and comfort with lovely Asin. She was seen much in anger at the sets according to the sources.

Even Asin reported, “The ad that we were shooting for was in Hindi and Tamil. I could manage it as I know both the languages. But Shahid was struggling with the Tamil part of it, so he took my help in getting the language right. He didn`t know Tamil at all, so the entire exercise turned out to be a fun session.”

Her anger rose when she overheard a crew member commenting on the chemistry between Shahid and Asin. The crew was all praises for the Jodi of Shahid and Asin. When Priyanka overheard that Shahid and Asin make a cute couple, her anger knew no boundaries.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka and Shaid might deny the rumors of their affair in public but their activities and incidents do imply that they are seeing each other and they are in a relationship. Quite recently we have spotted Shaid and Priyanka at

International Airport at the wee hours. He had personally come to drop her beloved to the airport where she was flying to Brazil for the shoot of Khatron k Khiladi Season 3. To avoid the media attention they both tried to escape as hard as they could but in vain.

Well Priyanka and Shaid you can confess and accept your relationship with us. After all you two look great together and we would love to see you both as a couple.


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