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Priyanka says yes to get married

Priyanka Chopra Nov 13, 2010 No comments
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Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka chopra aka Piggy Chops has finally made her mind to get married and settle down soon. As per the wishes of her parents she has agreed to get married. The Hot Bollywood Babe is all set to tie the knot as soon as she gets a perfect match for herself. For long her parents have been suggesting her to marry someone whom she sees as her life partner. But their suggestions weren’t heeded to by Priyanka. But the buzz is around that now Priyanka has agreed to tie the nuptial knot with a Mr. Right.

Now when she has agreed to marry, many of her fans might have patted and consoled the broken hearts. Earlier when she stated that she is not mentally prepared to get married and sacrifice her flourishing career, the industry and her fans, might have been too happy. But the red blooded vessel might have been shattered after this breaking news. She earlier needed time to mentally prepare herself for marriage.

This change of heart of Piggy has come as a surprise to all. Well, Priyanka we all also feel that this is the right time to get married. After all you are a successful actress of Hindi film industry.

Priyanka has made an indelible mark in Bollywood. There is nothing that she should now wait for. She has her own name and fame in the industry. Above all it is the right time to settle down as she is at the correct age for marriage.

Close sources of Priyanka have confirmed that she has finally declared to her parents that she is now prepared to get married. She is now ready to handle the family responsibilities. All that she need now is a Mr. Perfect. “I am ready to get married. I am just waiting for a guy to come and sweep me off my feet. If I get that kind of guy tomorrow, I don`t mind marrying tomorrow,” said the excited Priyanka.

So Priyanka is the guy already in your life or your search is on?


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