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Rozlyn Khan will play Savita Bhabhi

Rozlyn Khan Nov 27, 2012 1 Comment
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Rozlyn Khan Savita Bhabhi

Rozlyn Khan will play Savita Bhabhi

The fans of Rozlyn Khan will be too happy to know that their favorite model will be playing the famous character of Savita Bhabhi. Sources also claim that Ram Gopal Varma has offered Rozlyn a controversial movie ‘Savita Bhabhi’. The movie is based on the popular Indian adult entertainment world’s cartoon character.

To add the spice she has been rendered exclusive rights for using the name to the original creator of Savita Bhabhi to start a series of cartoon. Everyone knows that Deshmukh made Savita Bhabhi a popular character that even Ram Gopal Varma was smitten by its popularity.

Indian Government has banned though it has been disapproved by a number of people including Pritish Nandy.

“People are making money because of Savita Bhabhi; whether it’s youtube, channels or comedy shows, everyone is riding her wave. The fact is that Indias like porn, but refuses to admit it. It’s ironic that Indian cartoon strip has been banned in India, but on the other hand,India is importing a porn star like Sunny Leone from abroad. Why is expression of sex a crime here?” says Rozlyn Khan.


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  1. Kevin Mottar

    Ram Gopal Varma hunting new girl after Nathalia Kaur dumped him. Poor Ramu!

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