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Sarah-Jane Dias Does Not Feel Threatened by New Actresses

Sarah-Jane Dias Oct 17, 2011 No comments
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Sarah-Jane Dias, the actress who played Abhishek’s ladylove in the film “Game”, which did not do much for the actor though, has certainly got her noticed in the film. She has been signed on by Ekta Kapoor for the sequel to “Kya Kool Hain Hum”. Sarah-Jane Dias is simply thrilled by her role, as she is keen on showing the lighter side of her character as well.

Sarah-Jane Dias

Sarah-Jane Dias

If you can remember the movie “Game” the film with Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role, you might remember the actress who played the role of Maya, his love interest. Although the film did nothing to boost Abhishek’s career, it certainly has worked in favour of Sarah-Jane Dias who played the character of Maya. She has been roped in by Ekta Kapoor to be a part of the sequel of “Kya Kool Hain Hum”.

Sarah-Jane Dias is ecstatic with her role in the film and agreed to do the project as soon as she heard the script. “The project sounded quite interesting when director Sachin Yardi read out the role. I had a choice to make, whether I would do the sci-fi film that had been offered to me at the same time or choose this film and I decided to do this one. I wanted to experiment a different kind of role and hence chose to do this movie. Maybe if I had been offered something better than this, I might have chosen to do that instead,” said the actress.

She stated further, “I have for long wanted to do a romantic-comedy and show the audience this other side of my acting talent too. So when I was offered the role, there wasn’t much thinking for me to do as I was going to accept it. I am not at all nervous about doing something so different, in fact I’m quite excited about it.”

For the 28-year old actress things have been working well work wise, however she does agree to the fact that competition is getting quite tough in the industry today. What with an influx of new talent entering Bollywood on a constant basis, everyone is trying to find a foothold for themselves in the film industry. Says Sarah, “New actresses are pouring in all the time but I hardly consider them a threat. Luckily Bollywood is opening up to new talent and I’m glad for it. I do not hail from a family with a filmi background, but I have been received well by the industry and have been offered some great chances as well.”

Apart from making herself known in Bollywood, Sarah is also doing a movie down south. She is starring in the film, “Panjaa” opposite Tollywood superstar Pawan Kalyan. The actress is full of admiration for her co-star who she says is a great human being. “He has travelled worldwide, is highly knowledgeable and well read and not in the least pretentious. I already knew he was a renowned star even before I started working with him,” she said. Sarah is doing a non-glamorous role in the film.

When asked how she managed to deliver her dialogues in Telugu, the actress said, “It was difficult initially as the language was tough but director Vishnuvardhan made me feel quite comfortable. He communicated with me in a language that I understood and was patient with me while I was trying to rehearse the lines. Soon I reached my comfort zone and was able to deliver the dialogues as if I was speaking in my own language.”

Besides making news for her work, Sarah has also been linked-up with cricketer Virat Kohli. When asked about this rumoured link-up, the actress shrugged aside the rumour and modestly replied “No Comments”. “I have been busy doing four films in the last two years, which has hardly given me time to think of anything else. I have no commitments and am happy in my single status,” she commented.


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