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Sonam Kapoor upset with loss of pure love in reel and real life

Sonam Kapoor Sep 13, 2011 1 Comment
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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is pretty confident that her upcoming release Mausam will help the audience the rediscover the lost magic of pure romance and age old love stories. She feels day by day love is losing its original sheen. Talking to a tabloid she reveals, “Pure romance is lost somewhere and that’s why we are trying to get that back. I know people will connect to it because someone like me, who lives in this generation, wonders why there aren’t more romantic films,”

Mausam is her sixth release. The lady debuted in Bollywood with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’ four years ago. “I have grown as a person and have developed better relationships with people in these four years, but I have a really long way to go.”I can be a better actor, a better dancer and a better orator. I think it is all a growth process. I know I can improve and hopefully with each film I have improved,” says Sonam about her film journey.

She has earlier played the role of modern day uptown girl in ‘Aisha’ and now she is essaying a girl next door character in Mausam where she falls in love with a Punjabi guy played by Shahid. Telling more about her thoughts for love, she says, “I think in this world where there is terror, political unrest, corruption and even nature is going against us – everything seems to be going wrong. I think there is one thing that is positive and that is love, it’s the only thing that can change people.”

Mausam recreates the aura of romance set in 60s and 70s. These two lovers in the film meet, fell in love, have to separate due to socio political issues but finally reunite and find their true love. This Friday the film would be hitting the theaters and it is made in such times when social networking sites, mobile phones and other complicated gadgets play an important role in expression of love.

But the characters of Sonam Kapoor and Shahid would be expressing their feelings through handwritten love letters.

“Today people express their feelings on mails and SMSs. Although technology is cool, it is so impersonal. Even though we are connected to each and everyone, we are so distant at the same time; there is so much dichotomy. It is so superficial.”

“I find it really charming where people can connect on a personal level with you through a handwritten paper. I feel that the bond that gets formed is not only personal, it also gets deeper. Obviously that connect is missing today,” added the 25-year-old.


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