Sunny Leone bought by Arabs, Caged

Arabs couldn’t resist hot Indian porn actress Sunny Leone’s charm and decided to cash in with her popularity. The news is that they paid handsome amount to Sunny Leone and forced her to do what a decent Arab woman could never do.

Sunny Leone to perform in  Dubai for private clients

Sunny Leone to perform in Dubai for private clients

Sunny Leone is going to be brought in a cage on the stage surrounded by 6000 men in white who only see women dressed in fully black from top to toe.

They have also arranged a private luxury yacht for her to entertain rich VIP guests only.

What shall we call it? Broad day light Arab prostitution!

Ah well who cares, she has seen the lowest of low of her life and she is on cloud 9 with the Indian adulation so nothing wrong in cashing in on her porn popularity. It’s raining money for the dusky babe.

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  1. Pritam

    Most of Bollywood actress perform privately in their struggling days. Every Indian knows it. If you have got money you can buy them to be yopur personal entertainer any time. Sunny Leone is no exception. She can fuck in public in broad daylight in front of camera so she woudln’t hesitate to entertain rich arabs.
    What’s wrong with this dude? Get over it!

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    Those arab guys don’t know anything but she is an American passport holder. If they do anything to touch her there .. the american embassy will start bombing them for touching their citisen. Those arab guys don’t know anything. THey think she is an Indian girl because she acts in hindi films and she speaks hindi. She’s actually got a passport from the USA and she is married to a guy who has an american passport and who lives with her in India. If her husband accompanies her to the arab country then no arab guy can touch her since her husband can sue them and the american embassy will have to intervene. It can get political. Better sunny leone drops this idea and sticks with india.

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    arab guys may even kill her if they need to. It can become dangerous for her to do anything out of India. Better for her to drop this idea and stay in India. She has an american passport and she is married to an american who lives with her in india. If any arab guy touches her. .. then the american embassy there will get involved.

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