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Do you remember the sublime theme of the blockbuster “Anand” featuring the jovial Rajesh Khanna and grave Amitabh Bachchan? Nagesh Kuknoor has dealt with the same theme in the film Aashyein where John plays the character of Rahul, a compulsive gambler and chain smoker, who journeys through life discovering new aspects of it via dramatic twists and turns in his life. It is his story of coming into light from darkness. It is an apt narration of few things essential for life – love and hate, life and death. As his days pass by and his death nears him, he discovers the ways of a happy and contented life.

Sonal Sehgal And John Abraham in Bollywood Movie Aashayein

Sonal Sehgal And John Abraham in Bollywood Movie Aashayein

The film is not too fast paced and so the typical masala movie buffs may not find it too appealing. The film is to be enjoyed at a slower pace with experiencing the pain and agony that Rahul goes through as each day that goes by brings him closer to his doom’s day. As the movie advances, the audience will surely itself relate to the character of Rahul. But it is not all about tears and tantrums. Every now and then you will be feeling pity. You heart would be sweetly wrung at the plight of Rahul and many others who are waiting for their death.

Rahul is a hasty gambler who doesn’t think twice before betting and gambling. His life is made beautiful when his girlfriend Nafisa (Sonal Sehgal) comes into his life. They both live happily with each other. But this happiness is short lived as Rahul is diagnosed with lung cancer and has only three months left to live.

As the time advances, he grows more afraid of losing his love and so decides to sacrifice a big deal of his gambling money. They both start living in a newly bought sanatorium at the beautiful location. His girlfriend wants to with him till he meets his ill fate. When Rahul starts living in the hospice he meets several people who share the same fate as his. But their attitude towards life is different. They are happy and amicable.

He meets Girish Karnad who is an elderly person who has lost his vocal ability, Farida Jalal who is an ex pros now suffers from HIV, Anaitha Nair a teen combating cancer and a child Ashwin who is truly worldly wise.

All the characters have played their parts well. Nagesh has extracted the best from each of them. The music by Salim is in lines with the theme of the film. He has made some notations that really refer to the theme.

Go for the movie if you want to have some sensible cinema and have patience to watch slow paced flicks. Else if you are seeking Bollywood masala then this film is not for you for sure.

Cast: Sonal Sehgal, Anaitha Nair, John Abraham, Girish Karnad, Farida Jalal, Shreyas Talpade
Director: Nagesh Kuknoor
Producer: Percept Picture Company, T-Series
Music: Salim Merchant

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