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Benny and Babloo

Bollywood Movies Sep 18, 2010 1 Comment
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Benny and Babloo

Benny and Babloo

Releasing on the 1st of October is one more comedy film from the Bollywood. The film is titled ‘Benny and Babloo’. The film stars Kay Kay Menon, Rajpal Yadav, Riya Sen and Shweta Tiwari (remember Prerna from ‘Kasauti Zindgi ki’ a daily soap from the Ekta Kapoor factory).

Shweta Twari

Shweta Tiwari

The film is a tale of two good spirited Samaritans Benny played by Kay Kay Menon and Babloo played by Rajpal Yadav. They are both are sweetly smitten by the lure and glamour of amchi Mumbai. Coming to Mumbai they both have to try their lucks hard where first they take up the job of waiters serving in an Irani restaurant. But eventually they both land up in different places in different jobs.

Benny is appointed as a bell-boy in a five star hotel of Mumbai’s suburbs and Babloo takes up a job of a waiter in a ladies service bar. Benny starts taking his job as far superior to that of Babloo’s and starts making fun of his friend’s job. But after many funny incidents, they both realize that the profession of bell-boy and a waiter is some or more the same.

The job is same with two different exteriors. The pride which Benny usually took in his profession stared fading away when he saw and realized the in and outs of his job. The stark reality behind the job leaves him surprised. As a bell-boy Benny (Kay Kay Menon) had to witness uncountable social events at a five star hotel. He witnesses drug abuses, political debacles etc. while Babloo on the other hand gets a feel of the real pulse of the otherwise condemned constitutes of the society.

The motive of the film is clear that it wants to reveal the implicit difference in the system of our society. Where everything is fine in a five star garb, it is objectionable in other arenas.

The ladies bar are facing the wrath from everyone right form our judiciary system, to the white collar executives and the society, but the activities of the five star hotels are left unnoticed. The writer – director of the film has a clear message to send across to his audience.

The actors have played their parts well. Produced by Umesh Chauhan, the film is shot under Chamunda Banner. The film has been bestowed with musical compositions from Amjad Nadeem. But how far Benny and Babloo will go, this is hidden in the pages of future. Wait for the film and Benny and Babloo will tell you the answer.

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Rajpal Yadav, Riya Sen, Shweta Tiwari, Rukhsar, Natasha Bhardhwaj
Director: Yunus Sajawal
Producer: Umesh Chauhan
Music Director: Amjad Nadeem
Genre: Comedy

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  1. Ajay

    Yeh purani kahani hai. “Mein Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hun” had the same plot. Any way will give it a try…

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