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Bolly Double

Bollywood Movies Nov 5, 2010 2 Comments
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Bolly Double

Bolly Double

A take-off on Bollywood movies, Bolly Double is a humorous comedy that displays the Bollywood extravaganza of music, dance, comedy and romance, which is typical of Indian cinema. Like all Bollywood films, Bolly Double contains all the ‘masala’ (spice) that makes Bollywood films different from cinema across the world. Many youngsters in India aspire to be actors as the attraction of the tinsel world is very alluring.

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So is it with Kavita (Jesse Ahluwalia), the main character in Bolly Double, who is enamoured by Bollywood films and especially idolizes Kohinoor, a glamorous leading Bollywood actress, who is everything that Kavita simply dreams of.

Sitara Hewitt & Koel Purie in Bolly Double

Sitara Hewitt & Koel Purie in Bolly Double

The 25-year old bespectacled docile Kavita works at a video store much against her wishes. She had wanted to join drama school, but her mother insists that she must get married and settle down with a good husband who has a great-paying job and a luxury car. Kavita however disagrees with her mother and wishes to pursue her dreams, but her dreams would be realized so soon, is something beyond belief. None other than her favorite star Kohinoor arrives in Toronto to shoot for one of her latest films. Kavita couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity and so she instantly grabs the chance to visit the studio to meet her dream actress.

When Kavita arrives at the studio with her friend Prem (Cris Rossel), they find that Kohinoor has been kidnapped on her way to the studio and the kidnappers are demanding a ransom for her release. The director, Mayur (Rahul Singh), is at his wits end as he cannot think of how he is going to complete his shoot without a heroine, but wait, can’t he get a double. Kavita’s brother gets her to audition for the role and it suddenly strikes to Mayur that Kavita looks exactly like Kohinoor (also played by Jesse Ahluwalia) and with a makeover, she would resemble the glamorous star herself. Kavita is now a part of the film industry that she had always idolized.

In the meantime Kohinoor manages to escape from where she is held captive and is very angry that no one had bothered to pay the ransom and get her released from her kidnappers.

The most annoying thing was that no one had even bothered to send a search party to rescue her and hunt down her captors. She was already in a terrible rage and to come back and discover a double playing her part, sends Kohinoor into a fit of ill-temper. Kavita is to see the true nature of her idol, which apparently due to the turn of events isn’t comforting at all. In fact her dream star falls off the esteemed pedestal on which Kavita had always pictured her.

Bolly Double

Bolly Double

The film although a Bollywood take-off, has an American touch to it and sometimes diverts from the typical Bollywood drama.

However, it has most of the action, drama and the comic relief that one usually sees in Indian cinema.

We see some hilarious scenes when the captors are dealing with their celebrity captive. Bolly Double, also known as ‘The Lookalike’ cannot be called an exceptional film, but if you are looking for a light-hearted drama with a comic touch to it, then Bolly Double succeeds to please.

Many movie enthusiasts will find the film fun, as fun is what director Arun Bharali has attempted to provide in the film, which has also been scripted by him.

Director & Writer : Arun Bharali
Cast: Koel Purie, Jessie Ahluwalia, Raahul Singh, Sitara Hewitt, Mukesh Asopa, Christian Bako, Cris Rossel
Country: Canada
Year : 2006
Running time: 124 mins
Genre: Comedy
Awards: Houston Gold Remy Award, Toranto Star Audience Choice Award


2 Responses to “ Bolly Double ”
  1. Nirala

    Look at their dresses, all looks like fake ;)
    Bollywood is Bollywood you can’t make a movie in Canada and call it Bollywood movie!

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  2. Ajay

    It is not Bollywood movie, it is Canwood (Canada Wood). You can’t make a bollywood movie out of Bollywood.

    It is same like making Chicken Curry in London and claiming it to be authentic Indian Chicken Curry.

    Most of these movies are made by 2nd Generation foreign born desi who don’t have any slight clue on what bollywood is like.

    If you are not born and “baked” in India you can’t do India. Full Stop!

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