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Bollywood Movies Oct 11, 2010 1 Comment
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Mohit Suri of ‘Kalyug’ fame has come up with some sensible and sensitive issue in ‘Crook’. Where he dealt with the candid subject in ‘Kalyug’ which is otherwise a taboo in the society, ‘Crook’ deals with another issue that can be termed touchy and burning.
The movie has the poster boy of the Bhatt camp who made his debut with the camp, Emraan Hashmi.

The movie will launch yet another fresh face in the industry, Neha Sharma. The fashion fame Arjan Bajwa also stars in the film ‘Crook – It’s good to be bad.’ The movie deals with the racial attacks and racism in Australia. Produced by Vishesh Films, it is a joint venture of Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt which has been adorned with melodious music compositions of Pritam.

The movie talks of the biggest dilemma a person confronts in his life – to make a choice between good and bad. The saying that “It is the choices we make that define who we are” comes true with the film. Mohit has tried to cajole up the slept minds’ trance where he presents Emraan as Jai who has a tendency of getting into trouble. He has been hounded by a personal tragedy which leads him to inculcate that it’s good to be bad. He takes up wrong lessons in his life. Jai has been brought up by his step father Joseph who tries to get Jai on the right track.

Things at Joseph’s end become so difficult that he has to send Jai to Australia with a fake name and identity of ‘Suraj Bhardwaj’. In Australia Emraan finds Suhani (Neha Sharma) and her brother Samarth (Arjan Bajwa). They hail from a conservative Punjabi family. Samarth is the first victim of racism in Australia noticed by Emraan.

Within a few days Jai finds himself trapped in the racial wars. But due to hid fake identity he is unable to approach the concerned authorities. It is the crucial point of the movie when he thinks of his ways to get out that place and which changes his life all together.

Neha Sharma in Crook

Neha Sharma in Crook

The movie has also touched an Australian love affair that is responsible for all the chaos, Nicole and her brother, Russel. The brutal attacks in Australia have been the vital source of inspiration for the film makers. Many Indian students had been targeted in Australia which has motivated the filmmakers to deal with the subject.

To see the reality of racism and find answer to whether it is good to be bad, go to the theatres near you once the film is released.

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa
Director: Mohit suri
Producer: Mahesh Bhatt
Music Director: Pritam
Genre: Drama

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  1. Ajay

    Crook movie has addressed contemporary issues. Let’s see if it makes a noise on Box office?
    Neha sharma is cute.

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