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Do Duni Chaar

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Do Duni Chaar

Do Duni Chaar

The 8th October of 2010 will be witnessing an extremely powerful comeback of the much loved on and off screen Jodi of bygone eras of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. After almost 30 years Rishi and Neetu are making a comeback on the silver screen. Though, they both were seen together in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. But that appearance was for a short while, barely for a minute. The charm of the Jodi will be seen in their upcoming film ‘Do Duni Chaar’. This Walt Disney’s distributed Bollywood family venture is produced by Planman Motion Pictures.

‘Do duni Char’ is a heartwarming family comedy which tells a tale of Santosh Duggal played by Rishi Kapoor and his wife Mrs. Duggal (Neetu Kapoor). It is a story of their survival battle that they fight each day. The film is alight heated comedy that has heart touching scenes showcasing the bourgeois family life. They have to somehow save the money they have earned besides spending it on basic necessities. The film shows how an Indian school teacher manages his lifestyle living in a metro with limitless family expenses.

Do Duni Chaar

Do Duni Chaar

The Duggals were a happy family until one day Duggal’s younger sister, Phupho, arrives and announces a wedding ceremony at her home. But the only problem with the invitation that had come from her in-law’s end is that the Duggal family had to come to attend the wedding by a car. Car? Strange condition enough. Khair, the issue is that Duggals don’t have a car. So Phupho is ready with a solution for it. “Buy it.” Simple enough to say but much harder to materialize.

They can’t afford to miss the wedding as the pride of Phupho is at stake. Now starts a hilarious journey of collecting the funds from the known and possible sources from emptying the piggy banks, to encashing the PFs. When this amount seems less enough a loan is sought for buying a car. While collecting the money that is saved in house, the hidden nooks and corners of the savings come to forefront. The money is collected, the loan is applied for. Now what next? Decide on the model, brand and color of car which is sans family consensus. Everyone in the family has different opinion but no one likes the ideas of other member. They cannot decide on the brand and color of car.

The hilarious journey of car starts on and after putting all the resources they had, they are still striving to get a car. And then comes a gargantuan lurking temptation. Will the Duggals succumb to the temptation and accept it?

Go and watch the film on 8th October to see the real facet of middle income group family’s lifestyle, the battle they fight each day of their survival and maintaining a lifestyle that is contemporary.


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