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Haunted 3D

Bollywood Movies May 17, 2011 No comments
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Haunted 3D

Haunted 3D

The first 3d horror film of Vikram Bhatt is all set to release this Friday. A must watch film for the horror movie lovers and fans of Vikram.


Cast: Mahakshay Charkrobarty, Twinkle Bajpai, Achint Kaur, Aarif Zakaria

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Producer: Vikram Bhatt, , Arun Rangachari

Music: Chirantan Bhatt

Genre: Horror / 3D

Release Date: 6th May 2011


India is all set to proudly announce the release of its first horror 3 d film ‘Haunted’ on 6th May 2011 which stars newbie Mahakshay Charkrobarty, Twinkle Bajpai. Directed and Produced by the ace director Vikram Bhatt, this movie is beautified with musical compositions of Chirantan Bhatt. The very first glimpse of the movie will tell the audience that it is just another horror movie from the Bhatt camp.


The movie is said to be about the sprawling Glen Manor, a mansion that stands in the misty mountains of Dalhousie with a hidden past and haunted present. This huge mansion is haunted with screams in the mid of night and ghoul that can leave anyone breathless of fear.


Rehan, Mahakshay, has bought this house and resold it. Money, he stands to lose millions unless he can make the deal come through but to make the deal he has to first deal with the spirit that has the house in its grasp. As Rehan begins to unearth the bitter past of the house a name comes forth. A name with a picture and the girl in the picture is most beautiful. The name is Meera (Twinkle) and Rehan wonders how anyone can fall in love with a picture and name. Till he discovers that the name and the picture was the cause of the haunting.


One can say that Vikram is back in the industry with his film. He has directed the film well. Though making of a horror film is quite a tedious job, yet he has managed to do it well. The music of the film is good and melodious which is trademark of Bhatt movies. It can be described as a simple, love-inspired album. Six songs of the film are moderately paced ones sans remixes which calls for an applause. ‘Tum ho mera pyar’ is creating sensation all around, be it T.V channels or radio.


Keeping in mind that the movie is expected to get good response, music is gaining much popularity, it can be said that it may do well at box office. ‘Haunted’ is mainly youth oriented film, hence chances of its success increases.


Horror movies are made and sold like hot cakes. Will ‘Haunted’ also do well, is a question yet to be answered. Just wait for a couple of days and find out yourself if the movie really haunts you or not…


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