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Hello Darling

Bollywood Movies Aug 25, 2010 No comments
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Celina Jetly, Eshha Koppikar and Gul Panag in Bollywood Movie Hello Darling

Celina Jetly, Eshha Koppikar and Gul Panag in Bollywood Movie Hello Darling

Cast: Celina Jetly, Eshha Koppikar, Gul Panag, Javed Jaffery, Seema Biswas
Director: Manoj Tiwari
Producer: Ashok Ghai
Music: Pritam

In the genre of comedy movies, this Friday comes another film Hello Darling with three heroines Celina, Essha and Gul and one hero Javed Jaffery. But don’t get it wrong for Charlies Angels type of movie with three sensational actresses. It has nothing to do with that film. Rather it is our very own Bollywood Masala film with loads of comic situations.

The film is based in Mumbai’s fashion world where these three girls work under a smart boss. Their boss is extremely flirtatious. The girls have to outsmart the man’s supremacy professionally and personally to rise and grow in the industry. The film deals with such hilarious situations and problems where these girls try to outsmart not only their boss but the other two girls also.

Javed Jaffery is married to Divya Dutta and is coquettish in nature. He lays a trap to entrap his employees Essha, Gul and Celina. They all try to recognize the plot and come out of the trap laid by their boss. How far do they succeed in their mission and how do they achieve it, is shown in the movie.

Manoj tiwari is the debutant director of the film. He was earlier the assistant director of Subhash Ghai. Produced by Ashok Ghai, the film is made under the banner of Mukta Arts.

Hello Darling

Hello Darling

The expert writers of hit films like ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ and ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum,’ Sachin and Pankaj have written Hello Darling. So one can expect a roller coaster ride of comedy as the duo have shown the talent earlier also in their previous films.

The film has music by the veteran music director Pritam. As there is no love story in the film for which Pritam would have given some melodious music, the album is not interesting to listen to. A song is even remixed with own creativity of Shabbir Ahmed’s lyrics. If you have heard “Aapka kya hoga” in Houseful and ‘Parda’ in Once upon a time Mumbai then you might have understood the type of remix we are talking about.

Let’s see what the film has in its store for our entertainment. The absence of superstars or main lead actors may affect the fate of film. But we are hopeful that the film does well as it is really interesting to see three gorgeous actresses with one hero.

So don’t get carried away with names of actors only. Give this film a try to have a comic time.


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