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These days the number of suicides and suicidal attempts due to ragging in college is raging high. Director Manish Gupta brings into limelight the burning issue of hostel ragging in a brutal and crude way. Slated to release on 31st December 2010 is a heart wringing film by Manish Gupta which features Tulip Joshi and Vastal Seth. Producers Vicky Tejwani  , Kailash Raj Gandhi  , Gurpal Singh  strongly feel about the subject and thus wants to project the real scenario of Hostel life and its nuances.

Parents send their children to hostel so that they can receive higher and better education but the harassment they receive at the hands of their seniors in the name of ragging is just terrible. This ill practice to getting introduced to the seniors has taken an ugly form and each day we get to hear the news of suicide of blah and blah student form XYZ city and College.

The Director wants us to see and get aware of the fact that an end of number of suicides that occur in Indian Hostels as a result of the phenomenon termed as ‘Ragging’. This practice which could have been something different and healthy has turned so ugly and brutal that now students have apprehensions and fears about hostel life. They are beaten up, stripped, paraded naked, starved, tortured, molested and even raped by their seniors in the name of this practice.

As the social environment of ours is such that it is often a taboo to speak off molestation and rape, many cases go unreported and unnoticed. Parents hardly get to know about the reason behind their child’s sudden transformation from a normal being to a depressed person. Some students who have earlier borne the sufferings at the hands of the seniors want to avenge the deed by ragging their juniors in turn. This way they feel they have vent out their frustration and taken a revenge from their seniors. But have they really done so? Of course not. But this evil practice keeps on going untamed and uncurbed for years and years. Ragging ahs claimed and will claim lives of many innocent students.

Hostel is a movie that is an eye-opener, heart wringer and a wakeup call for every one of us to help everyone t stop this practice and see the students leading a happy life in Hostel.

How far the audience will accept the movie and will it be successful to send across the message to culprits, is yet to be tested at the box office on 31st December.


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