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Khichdi Movie

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Khichdi Movie

Khichdi Movie

The blockbuster Hindi television’s serial Khichdi is made into a movie and see what the makers of the movie have for you. The quintessence of the film remains the same where the Pareekh family still remains the goofiest, craziest and the most dysfunctional family. For the Pareekhs a family is not a family until it is crazy and the only tears that it sheds are those of joy and laughter.

To describe the film the makers of the movie state, “Take a pot of madness, add to that a generous amount of gossip, mix it with a lot of dumbness. When it is done, garnish it with some matching dressed laziness…And serve in the plate of laughter….Your very own KHICHDI, the movie is ready to be enjoyed!”

The serial was a super success on the television where the dumb Hansa was madly in love with his equally dumb husband Praful. Jayshree is the younger daughter- in-law of Pareekh family who plays a true gossip monger. The oldest family member, babuji, is a nagging father. The only wise people in the family are two kids Jackie and Chucky.

The story of the movie is told by two wise kids. The film revolves around the tale of few funny people who are lovable at the same time. Himashu, the brother of Hansa has a dream of making an unforgettable and known love story for himself. But, neither he is in love nor there is any chance that any sensible girl would fell in love with Himanshu. He is optimistic about his dream and one day comes in his love when he finds his true love. The aniticpation of babuji turns out to be true that “for every idiotic Praful there is an even more idiotic Hansa made.”

The day when Himanshu gets his lady love in his neighborhood, he decides to get engaged and marry her as soon as possible. Here comes a humorous turning point in the story. On his D day, he realizes that the marriage is the culmination of his dream of having a memorable love story as nothing so special ever happened in his love affair with Parminder.

He finds that he is marrying in a simple and common way where two people meet, fell in love and get married. He wanted something too dramatic to happen to make the marriage more memorable affair and so he asks the Pareekh family to fill in the missing element of thrill in his marriage. How the Pareekhs accomplish their mission and finally Himanshu gets married to Parminder forms the climax of the movie.

The promos of the movie are attention grabbing as they are truly hilarious. But will the audience accept Khichdi serial as a Khicdi movie?

Go for the film: if you really like comedy movies that could be enjoyed with entire family.

Don’t go for the film: If you are not interested to see a comedy movie without double meaning and vulgar dialogues.


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