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Life Express

Bollywood Movies Sep 27, 2010 No comments
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Life Express

Life Express

A tried and tested formula to make a Bollywood film successful has been often adopted by many filmmakers in the fraternity. The film, ‘Life Express’, deals with the sensitive issue of ‘Surrogate Mother’. You might be reminded of the films like ‘Chori Chori’, ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’ which are in turn inspired by an Indian classic ‘Doosri Dulhan’. But this film ‘Life Express’ has failed to effectively dictate and narrate the issue. The execution of film has been not so good. The film is nothing but an old wine in a new wine.

Life Express

Life Express

If the film had been properly executed, then it would have been a pleasure to watch it. The audience loves to see films which are inspired from other films, provided the film is well made. But in this film, neither there is any thrilling moment nor any special scene which could be said wonderfully executed. Even the filmmaker is not sure what he is trying to convey to his audience. Two families of different strata of society are portrayed in the film – the rich and the poor. For the rich, career obviously comes first and they hardly believe in family ties. On the other hand, the poor family, though have meager worldly possessions, yet they strongly believe in family ties and love each too much. They live together under the same roof.

The film narrates the story of a urban society couple Tanvi (Rituparna Sengupta) and Nikhil (Kiran Janjani) confronted with a rural couple Gauri (Divya Dutta) and Mohan (Yashpal Sharma. Tanvi and Nikhil are working professionals. Tanvi feels that pregnancy would hamper her professional growth hence doesn’t want to conceive and have a family. She feels that if she will conceive then she will have to keep her work at bay for few months.

To complete the family and avoid the problems involved in conceiving, the couple decides to rent a womb so that Tanvi can carry on her work and can have a child without any hurdle. In their quest to find a woman who can give her womb for hire, they come across Gauri who is too poor to survive in the city life. This coupe lives hand to mouth and so she accepts the proposal of the rich couple and agrees to rent her womb. The journey of Gauri after her acceptance of the proposal forms the plot of the film.

The audience will soon realize why the film is not that appealing. The issues are many to count. But to mention a few there is no thematic relation between the plot and the title of the film ‘Life Express’. The story written by Anup Das has not successfully wrung the audience’s heart. The screenplay by Mandira Chakraborty and Shailendra Tyagi is not that strong to catch and hold the attention.

Though Mandira and Shailendra tried to write the dialogues for the film according to the situation, but the duo failed to bring out some meaningful dialogues that could support the scenes. Neither the dialogues are touchy nor are the emotions expressed in full manner.
As far as performances of the actors are concerned, Rituparna and Yashpal have done well whereas Kiran had been average. Divya Dutta has been the best among all of them. Other artists like Alok Nath, Nandita Puri, Vijayendra Ghatge, Dayashanker Pandey and Anjan Shrivastav have all done their parts well.

You can go for the movie if you don’t have nothing important to do at your end. Else it is not worth watch.


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