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Love Express

Bollywood Movies Jun 9, 2011 No comments
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After ‘Kashmakash’, Subhash Ghai is here with another film from his kitty. Directed by Sunny Bhambani, ‘Love Express’ is a romantic comedy.

Love Express

Love Express

Love Express is a film based on romance and fun that traces the trip of two similar love stories in a train filled with Baraatis from Amritsar to the capital of Maharashtra-Mumbai. The story revolves around two youthful pairs who are on their way to their personal wedding desires to end up their relationship, whereas the second couple wishes to re-unite after a gap of five-year-old break-up.

This first couple wants to call it quits to their marriage as it is an arranged marriage which their family members had arranged (the family members being friends for many years). The couple is completely against this concept of marriages being arranged by family members. So they plan something to take themselves out of the mess and even get some success in this. But their family has to pay a profound price for this. One question posed for the audience here is it extremely late for them to construct compensation?

Then there is a chain of circumstances that is punctuated with twists and turns that take place during this comical eventful journey. This Punjabi wedding ceremony will take you another level of comedy. You will laugh, you will enjoy and this movie would touch your heart also.

So get ready for Love Express romantic comedy this Friday.

Star Cast: Sahil, Mannat, Vikas Katyal, Priyum Galav
Director: Sunny Bhambani
Producer: Subhash Ghai
Music Director: Jaidev
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Release Date: Jun 10, 2011


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