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Madholal Keep Walking

Bollywood Movies Aug 27, 2010 No comments
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Madholal Keep Walking

Madholal Keep Walking

Cast: Subrat Dutta, Swara Bhaskar, Neela Gokhale, Pranay Narayan
Director: Jai Tank
Producer: Jai Tank, Apporva Tank
Music: Nayab Raja

The suburbs of Mumbai have been a basis of many tales narrated through Hindi Cinemas. It is the Economic capital of India and is filled with many stories to be told. It immaculately amalgamates the strata of societies. ‘Madholal Keep Walking’ is also a story of a common man Madholala who struggles hard and survive in Mumbai. He is that common man who has to start his day with a queue for loo and this continues for the queue for bus, ration, railway station etc. The railway station of the film sees many commuters who crush humanity under the rush to board the train.

Madholal Keep Walking

Madholal Keep Walking

This station Borivali Fast, one of the most conjugated station routes, is guarded by Madholal. Madholal who is a security guard at this station meets his friends here. His friends are peculiar with intricate characteristics. One among them chews betel leaves and spit it in plastic bags, the other one stutters, the third keeps an eye on a girl. All of them together enjoy and crack jokes purportedly to create humor in the film which they fail to do.

This common man lives with his family of four members among whom one is the daughter Swara Bhaskar who is eligible for marriage. The matter of her marriage is of great concern to Madholal. She is sought after by the boys of neighbor and especially by Pranay Narayan who plays a Muslim boy’s character. Swara is a Hindu by birth whose family has immigrated from East and so there could be no possible relationship between the two. Accidentally (God knows from where?) Madholal loses one of his limbs in a train bomb blast. He is shown under a constant threat due to the bomb blast incident.

The film has tried to deal with two three issues at the same time. But issue based films need a perfect script and an adept direction. The shaky cameras or unplanned story turn out absurd to the audience. The film could have been better if there were some serious measures taken to work on the issue. Besides, it is better to deal with one subject at a time and not mix the plots from various sources (out of the blue). The film tries to preach that “aadmi hi aadmi ke kaam ata hai.” (A friend in need is a friend indeed). The point which the writer, director of the film wants to make could have been clearly narrated to the audience with a further little work.

As this film could not be categorized under an out and out commercial film, the music of the film is bound to suffer. The expectation from the music director is futile as there is no thematic plot to which he would have rendered melodious music. There is a song “Naina Lage” in the album of the film that comes in three versions in the film from start to end. Bhupinder singh, Altaf Raja have rendered their vocals to the tracks.

Go for the film if only you do not have any other work to do. Else you should Keep Walking for something else.


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