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Not A Love Story Movie Review

Bollywood Movies Sep 1, 2011 No comments
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Not A Love Story

Not A Love Story

All concerns of a filmmaker turn abstract when they wish to treat an evil plot and storyline with an evil style of storytelling. “Not a love story” is an adaptation of the most barbaric Bollywood linked up killing of Neeraj Grover which caught a lot of media attention in 2008. More than the bloodstain and the fear involved with the characters and situations what haunts you the most is the camera angles and the sound design of the film.

If you cannot make a film better than other films than you make the second half of the film better than the first half so that audience feel relatively entertained towards the end; failing to do so, you just make the first half absolutely pathetic in an attempt to extend a similar experience to the audience. Pioneering to this philosophy of intra-relative entertaining filmmaking, “not a love story” attempts to surprise you towards the end by the series of fast and twisted events. Apart from the initial buildup, the story moves in fast pace with a fistful of dialogues and with a crisp screenplay by Rohit Banawlikar. Behind the screen world of Bollywood is peaking out on the first half of the film in its true essence directly from the experience of factory style filmmaker with almost half a century films on his canvas.

Anusha Chawla ( Mahie Gill), a desperate aspiring actress, struggles hard to get an entry in the film industry. After several rejections, she finally lands a role in a film. Casting director Ashish (Ajay Gehi) goes an extra mile to help her to get the role. On the night of celebration drunk Anusha and Ashish gets emotional and gets intimate. Early next morning Robin ( Deepak Dobriyal), obsessed lover of Anusha, unexpectedly comes to visit her. Anusha sees that on one side Robin is standing on the door and on the other side Ashish is waking up nude in the other room. Confused Anusha opens the door in anxiety and accuses Ashish for her rape. Angry Robin stabs Ashish to death in impulse. The couple disposes of the dead body of Ashish by butchering of it in pieces and burning it to ashes in the outskirts of the city. Robin returns back to his hometown. A cop (Zakir Hussain) starts investigating about the whereabouts of Ashish after a missing report is filed and ultimately grabs both the culprits.

If the acting would have been better, if the dorky songs would have been avoided, if the kiss scenes would have been shot well and if the post production would have been taken seriously, “not a love story” would not have been “not a remarkable dark love story of Bollywood”.

As they say that the decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story but the decision to kiss for the last time at the end of story is the most crucial in this “not a love story”.

Despite of being full of Ramu’s notorious filmmaking experiments, “Not a Love Story” might be a lifetime experience on a big screen to the CID lovers.


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