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Peepli Live

Bollywood Movies Aug 12, 2010 1 Comment
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Peepli Live

Peepli Live

Have you booked your tickets to the nearest theaters that would be showing ‘Peepli Live’ on Friday 13th August? If yes, then good if no, then get it done as soon as you can because here comes Aamir once again with one of the most unanticipated story, excellently crafted movie named ‘Peepli Live’. This is a fact that every movie Aamir is associated with has something extraordinary that appeals the audience.

Peepli Live is no exception to it. It is not long ago that audience had warmly welcomed Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots.
Under the superb direction of Anusha Rizvi the most searing issue in India, the increasing suicidal rate of farmers in villages, comes to forefront and questions the so called watchdogs of nation if it is right to politicize the issue or should it be solved to save our farmers. Even media personals who should actually take some initiative to rescue these tyrannized farmers use their problems as a source of increasing their TRPs on television’s News Channels. Is this is what media is meant for? This is the question that dominates the movie.

Natha in peepli

Natha in peepli

Omkar Das plays a character of a poor farmer named Natha residing in an Indian village called Peepli. After losing his land to government, he is compelled to take a fatal decision of putting an end to his life just on the eve of elections as suggested by a local politician of his village. He decides to die so that at least his family gets entitled to receive the Government aid and the life of the family members gets better.

No sooner than this news reaches the media, government executives and the bureaucrats, the situation changes only to become worse. Everyone steps in Natha’s life and his decision but hardly anyone can associate himself with the agony and depression Natha has been going through. Each of them wants his share but none can console Natha or bring some relief to him. Everyone is just anticipating whether or not Natha will die.

This grave issue of farmer suicide is dealt with much care and concern by the writer and director Anusha Rizvi. She makes sure that the scenes aptly translate to the real scenario where the politicians have just one answer for each of villager’s questions – ‘We are trying our best to deal with the situation and soon everything will be under control after the orders of High Court.’ But does it really ever happen? Does the situation ever get better? Have we seen a decline in suicidal rates of Indian village farmers? Perhaps not.

Omkar Das in Peepli

Omkar Das in Peepli

The movie has an open end where the audience is left to bemuse of Natha’s fate. As far as star cast is concerned, there are no big superstars in the film but it certainly has good actors who have played their characters very well. The accent, pitch and voice modulation reflects the essence of rural India. The audience can easily relate to the issue and the sufferings of the farmers which are dealt satirically in the movie. The production is large and situations that build are plausible. On whole, it is a worth seeing movie.

Reasons to watch the movie: Reasons are countless. It is a must watch film if you are really interested in sensible cinema with some of the most refined actors.

Reasons to not to watch the movie: In case you only prefer absurd story movies and only get attracted by the stardom.

Cast: Omkar Das, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raghubir Yadav, Malaika Shenoy, Shalini Vatsa, Farukh Jaffer
Director: Anusha Rizvi
Producer: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao
Music: Mathias Duplessy

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