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Spanish Beauty

Bollywood Movies Nov 27, 2010 2 Comments
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Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori

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A stylish film from Mexico has hit the theaters, Spanish Beauty. Directed by Ricardo De Montreuil, the film is an intricate web of relationships and emotions, love and passion fused with lust. The director is confident about the success of the film and claims that the couples who are undergoing any sort of problems in their married life would love the concept the film.

The film is special to Bollywood and Indian audiences as it has some Bollywood connection also. The music of the film is melodious as it is composed by the well known Shanker, Atif Aslam and Aravind. Though the film is a low budget movie but the drama lovers may help it score great bucks.

Spanish Beauty

Spanish Beauty

It is a story of a beautiful woman Soniya (Barbara Mori) who is married to Ishaan (Christian Meier) for almost ten years. The spark in their relationship has diminished although Soniya still loves her husband. She gets restless and hopes to find the missing excitement and oomph in their relationship only to fall in a love affair with Rohan (Manolo Cardona). Rohan is a handsome friend of her husband though he is a bit edgy.

Soniya and Rohan are passionately in love with each other and the affair satisfies the covetousness of the adulterous couple. But the betrayal is soon discovered by her husband but this is not the climax.

Rather the story gets more suspicious and thrilling when the audience finds that the affair was actually a revenge on Rohan which was pre-planned.

Why does the couple try to take revenge on Rohan?

What’s the secret behind the affair?

All there  questions will get answered once you see the movie.

Cast: Barbara Mori, Christian Meier, Manolo Cardona
Director: Ricardo De Montreuil
Producer: Shashi Chimala
Written by: Jaime Bailey
Music Director: Atif Aslam, Shanker, Aravind

Barbara Mori Sex Scene Video in movie Spanish Beauty

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  1. Manoj Kashyap

    Barbara mori sex to hot

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  2. Sarvesh

    Where is Barbara Mori now a days? Did she disappeared?

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