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West is West

Bollywood Movies Jun 9, 2011 No comments
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The coming Friday will be special for all those whi loved and appreciated ‘East is East’. The makers are releasing a sequel of it ‘West is West’ on 10th June 2011. In the sequel of the internationally commended film the Khan family is on a  journey from Salford, England, to rural Pakistan.

West Is West

West Is West

The story of ‘West is West’ is about a two tales – one of a 13 year old year Sajid and another of his 60 year old father George (Ghengis) Khan played by award winning actor Om Puri.

The plot is set dating back 1976 in Manchester. The Khan family still fights for survival. Sajid Khan the youngest of them all is deep juvenile crisis under continous assaults from both his father’s despotic insistence on Pakistani traditions and from the dreadful racist bullies in his school. As a way to pep up his isolated and boring life, he starts shoplifting and bunking off the schools.

His father decides to send him back to Mrs. Khan (1) and family back in Punjab in order to make him a good Muslim boy and an obedient son. Mrs. Khan (1) is the wife whom George has left 30 years ago. She also has daughters from him. Though George is adamant on teaching a lesson to Sajid but he soon realizes that there is much that he himself has to learn before teaching Sajid. Here the story introduces Ella Khan, second wife George who has come for the rescue of George and Sajid from the mess. She is the one who resolves the issues of past and present.

Let the audience decide itself if they like ‘West is West’ as they did ‘East is East’. Overall the movie has great impact and a good storyline.

Star Cast: Om Puri, Ila Arun, Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistri, Vijay Raaz, Emil Marwa, Lesley Nicoll
Director: Ayub Khan, Din Andy De Emmony
Producer: Leslee Udwin
Music Director: Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Release Date: June 10, 2011.


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