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Yeh Faasley

Bollywood Movies Mar 12, 2011 No comments
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Yeh Faasley

Yeh Faasley

Bollywood Movie “Yeh Faasle” is a dramatic presentation of a girl’s named Arunima emotions who happen to be the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town. She is a motherless girl and comes back to town to stay with her father after completing her studies. Her father gives her entire freedom to live her life on her own as she wishes to. Her father is helpful but a bit boastful which makes her little embarrassed in social situations. Life was all well for Arunima until she finds a will of her mother which leaves her suspecting that how can her mother who died so young in a car accident leave a will for Arunima?

Yeh Faasley

Seema Biswas in Movie Yeh Faasley

Arunima wishes to talk about that will to her father which he doesn’t want to entertain to. Her father is not comfortable discussing all those past things with Arunima. Further probe by Arunima reveals that her mother was entirely different personality from what her father told her. Arunima is left in dark and suspicion when the image of past appears to be different from what her father told her.

She learns incidentally that her father was a complete arrogant and violent man in the past, who has made money by evil methods and ways. He had no friends and there are many other grey and black shades of his character in the past. This really shatters Arunima and she decides to find out the truth on her own. She is though at a complete loss between love for her father and his shady past.

The story revolves round whether the revelations from the past make the father and daughter relationship stronger or weaker? What is that Arunima’s father has hidden from her? You guys can check all this out this Friday at the nearest theaters to you.

Director, Yogesh Mittal has done a commendable job exploring the depth of father daughter relationship. Music of the film is though not quite popular but it is in lines with the film’s theme. All in all, it is a kill time film with not superstars but great artists.

Yeh Faasley

Yeh Faasley

Genre: Drama
Cast: Anupam Kher, Pawan Malhotra, Seema Biswas, Kiran Kumar, Rushad Rana, Tena Desae
Director: Yogesh Mittal
Producer: Om Prakash Mittal
Music: Deepak Pandit
Release Date: March 04, 2011



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