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Bollywood Actress Arrested Along With Others At Gay Party

Bollywood News Sep 27, 2011 No comments
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Bobby Darling

Bobby Darling

On early Sunday morning, the Mumbai police walked into a gay party in the Oshiwara area in Mumbai and detained 113 people for indulging in indecent behaviour. Among those arrested was Bollywood actress, Bobby Darling.

Apart from being charged for indecent behaviour, the hosts were also booked for serving liquor and playing music without having taken a prior permit.

Bobby Darling whom we have seen in films like Chalte Chalte and I am in Love said, “I was at the party only as a celebrity guest. It was totally a professional appearance and I had been charged for being there. I had no idea that it would be a gay party and I certainly did not notice any kind of offensive behaviour.”

“The fine was paid on my behalf by someone. I merely went to the police station to record my statement after which I left,” said Bobby. “I do not think the police would have conducted this raid if it had been a normal party instead of being a gay get together.”


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