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Dabanng will not be released in Pakistan this Eid

Bollywood News Sep 16, 2010 No comments
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Salman Khan in Dabangg

Salman Khan in Dabangg

Even before its release Dabanng has much buzz worldwide. The promotion of the film is going on in full swing. The entire crew of the film especially Salman is actively publicizing the film. Everybody is overjoyed to know the film is all set to release this Eid. But the fans of Salman who live in Pakistan will be not be fortunate enough to see his film this Eid as Pakistan has banned Salman’s film to be released. So Pakistan will not seek a Friday 10th September’s release of Dabanng.

The Government of Pakistan has banned the screening of all Indian movies in the country. As if this was not enough, the government has levied a higher entertainment tax on Indian movies. This tax was initially 35% which has now increased to 65%. The last movie of Salman ‘Wanted’ was a mega hit in Pakistan. But this time Government has banned the film for reasons untold.

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha

When Arbaz was contacted to comment on the issue, he said, “The film is releasing all over and I have no problems if it does not release in Pakistan. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received in India during the promotion. We have made a good product and we’re proud of it. The fate of the film finally rests with the audiences.”

Dabanng is a fun subject which has been produced by Arbaz Khan. In a way Arbaz is making a debut in the field of production following his brother Sohail. Salman and Sonakshi play the lead roles in the film where the protagonist has a typical rustic accent.

Reportedly, the character played by Salman is going to be one of the most hilarious ones he has ever played on screen. Set in Uttar Pradesh, the film is tale of a corrupt officer Chulbul Pandey played by Sallu mia who throws light on the flaws and fallacies of the Indian judiciary system. The loopholes of the law and order are a major feature of the film. The unlawful practices, carried out in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, are best dealt with in the film.

Salman would be seen sporting moustaches for the first time in the film. Even Arbaz has done a makeover for the film where he plays the role of half brother Makhanchan to Salman. Sonakshi is the lady love of Salman who has played the role of Rajjo well in the film.
The promos of the film are too eye catching and has a mass appeal. Hope that the film would be a success at the box office.


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