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Deepika Padukone Refuses Kalpana Lajmi’s Film

Bollywood News Feb 4, 2011 No comments
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Deepika Padukone has apparently upset the famous director Kalpana Lajmi. The director of the hit movie Rudaali was keen to sign Deepika for her next movie venture.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

According to a source, Kalpana called up Deepika’s secretary with the movie offer. However, was rejected out rightly by her secretary. According to Deepika’s secretary, she has no dates. Even though Kalpana was willing to wait for Deepika to be free, her secretary still rejected the movie. Kalpana is both shocked and upset by this refusal.

According to our source, Kalpana has been left thinking why an actress should refuse a film even before first speaking to the director and listening to the story. When Kalpana was asked about the whole incident, she said that she was ready to wait for Deepika to have dates. However, it seems that today’s heroines are more concerned with building their images than concentrating on doing movies. According to Kalpana, heroines forget that cinema is the medium that makes them popular.

Kalpana Lajmi and Deepika Padukone

Kalpana Lajmi and Deepika Padukone

Deepika was not available for comment when contacted and it was her manager who answered for her.

According to him, Deepika would love to work for a senior director like kalpana. However according to the manager, Deepika has dates committed to other directors and is not free until the year 2012.

They therefore gave a direct answer to Kalpana as she did not want to keep kalpana waiting for her reply.

The question is whether Deepika Padukone is getting too big for her boots or is she really tied up for dates? Deepika might be a popular actress at this point but she must at least hear her director’s proposal before making her decisions.


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