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Esha Gupta – Mahesh Bhatt’s Girl for Jannat 2

Bollywood News Jan 12, 2012 No comments
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If Sunny Leone is excited about her Bollywood entry, Esha Gupta is also on cloud nine. Reason! Mahesh Bhatt. Before you get us wrong, let us tell you, Esha Gupta is in the good books of Bhatt sahib and is working with Emraan Hashmi in sequel of Jannat, titled Jannat 2.

Esha Gupta in Jannat 2

Esha Gupta in Jannat 2

Esha Gupta is a model for quite a while a now. But she is extremely happy to be associated with Bhatt and start her B town career with this camp. ‘It is phenomenal to be working with Bhatts since they have a knack of portraying the female protagonists really well in their films. They respect the presence of female leads in their films and also ensure that the girls act really well despite being new to the industry. For me, there couldn’t have been a better start than this,” informs Esha.

Mahesh Bhatt assured her of the role and character she would play in the movie. He even narrated the script to her. In addition to all this, Mahesh also revealed some observations he had about her as a person and as an actress.

An excited Esha Gupta says, ”Bhatt saab actually sat down with me and narrated the entire script to me. I guess that was a moment I’ll cherish all my life. I was just so touched to be with a person of his caliber and stature. It isn’t with every film that you would get a senior personality like him to guide you.”


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