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Female Lead for Jism 2 zeroed down

Bollywood News Jan 21, 2012 No comments
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Pooja Bhatt had noticed Sunny Leone for the first time in an Indian Magazine page way back in 2002. At that time Pooja thought of casting her in ‘Kalyug’ (2005) but things didn’t work out as Sunny Leone had other commitments to fulfil at that time. Seven years later, Pooja again wished to have this international adult star and this time things seemed to fall in their places and finally Sunny Leone is doing Pooja Bhatt’s film Jism 2.

Sunny Leone finally confirmed for Jism 2

Sunny Leone finally confirmed for Jism 2

Mahesh Bhatt, when he entered the house of Bigg Boss 5, was confident enough that Sunny Leone would be convinced to do the lead role in Jism 2. However, after his meeting with Ms. Leone he told to a tabloid, “She has principally agreed to the idea of working with Pooja in Jism 2. Everything will be finalised once she is out of the Bigg Boss house. Sunny, her agent and Pooja will take the decision further.”

It was later seen also that post her eviction from Bigg Boss house Sunny Leone did meet Pooja in a hotel in Mumbai. Sunny Leone was happy about the character she was going to play. But there were few issues that were to be solved including the legal formalities, work visa permit and the signing amount. Actually Sunny has asked 25% more amount than Pooja offered her.

Sunny Leone left India when she was having discussions with Bhatts. Now, when everything is settled it has been finalized that Sunny would be doing the film.

When Pooja Bhatt as asked about the monetary issues between her and Sunny she refuted and said, “It is crazy to see how excited people are about Sunny Leone being a part of the film. But let me tell you, Sunny has been finalised. Yes, there were a lot of legal issues that were getting sorted out, but Sunny was in love with the script the day she heard the story.”

Esha Gupta is other female actor in the film.

Now, when Sunny is finalized for the female lead the hunt for the male leads is still on.


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