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First theatrical trailer of Agneepath To be unveiled along with ‘Bodyguard’

Bollywood News Aug 31, 2011 No comments
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Considering the fact that Bodyguard is surely one of the expected biggest films of 2011, the maker of the film ‘Agneepath’ decided to unveil the first theatrical promo of the film during screening of ‘Bodyguard’. To ensure maximum visibility Karan made this decision on behalf of his entire cast and crew.

An elated Karan says, “I am glad that Reliance (Pictures) allowed me to attach the promo of Agneepath along with Bodyguard. It’s their big Eid release and for me, getting the audience to notice Agneepath’s promo was very important. All my best wishes are for the team of Bodyguard.”

Everyone knows that Karan’s ‘Agneepath’ is a remake of the hit film in the same name where Amitabh has already cast a spell on his audiences.  So how different or similar are the two films from each other? Karan clarifies saying, “It’s not a remake at all. The look, feel and the treatment of the two films are completely different. The two films have a different world of their own. I would rather call my film ‘a homage’ to the classic directed by Mukul S Anand.”

Adding further he says, “The film was produced by my father and I think that it is one of the best films ever made. That is exactly why we chose to make another film, which might be called an apt tribute to the earlier film. The heart and soul remains the same — it’s still a similar struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist. But it is a totally different film. I feel it has turned out to be a very good and engaging film.”

Karan further stresses that these two films cannot be compared at all in any way because his Agneepath is a mere adaptation of the 1990s one. In Karan’s Agneepath, Hrithik Roshan plays the protagonist’s role which Karan describes him as the “heart and soul” of the film.

“Everybody knows that Hrithik is very careful about the films that he signs. When he got the script of Agneepath, he was extremely kicked about the role. The role has been written with Hrithik in mind and he has always been our only choice. I must tell you that he has really done a great job and I am sure he is as satisfied as I am with the work that he has put in,” he gladly reveals about his film.

Karan is further sure that Sanjay Dutt is the apt choice for the role of villain. “You have to see Sanju in the movie to believe it. He has excelled in each and every frame. I promise you have never seen Sanjay Dutt like this. He is a treat to watch,” says excited Karan.

So guys if you want to watch this movie wait for a few months as the movie would be seeing a January 2012 release.


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