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Frieda Pinto acts opposite Antonio Banderas

Bollywood News Sep 15, 2010 No comments
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Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

The Indian origin Hollywood actress of Slumdog Millionaire fame, Frieda Pinto is soon going to act opposite Antonio Banderas in her latest venture. The film is a periodic flick titled ‘Black Thirst’. It is to be directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Set in the era of 1920, the film talks of America’s targeting the gulf countries for oil.

In the film Frieda plays an Arabian Princess where she is paired opposite Rahim. But the dusky actress has some major scenes with Antonio Banderas. The film is reportedly based on the much acclaimed work of Hans R Ruesch named ‘South of the Heart’. It is the novel of modern Arabia which was published in 1957.

Post Slumdog Millionaire, the actress is on the ninth cloud as her first film was a super hit in India and overseas. After that she hadn’t looked back. Success followed Frieda in whatever she did.

Frieda Pinto

Frieda Pinto

She was recently seen in famous Hollywood projects like ‘Immortals, Miral’, ‘Rise of the Apes’, and Woody Allen’s ‘You will meet a tall dark stranger’ which is very close to Frieda’s heart as she can relate to the character of the female protagonist of the film.

Besides, her professional life, her personal life is also equally talked about. Her relationship with her co star Dev Patel is seeing its high. There was a buzz that the couple is planning to take their relationship to another plane and get married soon. The wedding bells are soon going to ring for the overnight stars of Slumdog Millionaire.

But barely two days after the news of their marriage came to media, a spokesperson for Frieda strongly denied that they are getting married. “These rumors are complete rubbish and baseless. There is not even an ounce of truth in it,” said Divya Tejuja on behalf of Frieda.

Frieda has a past even before she met Dev. She was engaged to Rohan Antao, a publicist. They were even secretly married to each other. But she called off the relationship because she wanted to concentrate on her career. So according to the close sources, she deliberately broke up with Rohan.

Whatever might go on in Frieda’s personal life, but she is surely on her high in terms of her Hollywood career.


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