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Imran and Deepika shoot for an unscheduled epilogue for ‘Break ke Baad’

Bollywood News Oct 26, 2010 No comments
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Break ke Baad

Break ke Baad

A fresh pair of Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan is being introduced by Kunal Kohli in his next venture ‘Break ke Baad’. The film is set to release on 26th November. But it has already grabbed much of the audience’s attention. The leading team of the film recently shot an additional epilogue, post the final say of the screenplay.

Kunal Kohli confirms the news and tell us, ““When I made ‘Hum Tum’ everyone wanted to know what happens to Saif and Rani after THE END. Do they live happily ever after? I’ve lost track of how many people have suggested a sequel to Hum Tum. That’s something I won’t do. Why go back to a film when there’re so many virgin stories waiting to be broken into?”

We wonder that is why Kunal has planned an after story. If all goes well and the formula works for ‘Break ke Baad’, then he plans to adopt this formula in his other films also. “In Break Ke Baad we’ve shot a story beyond the screenplay narrating a small improvised screenplay about the life that Deepika and Imran lead after the film is over. I could be using the same device in my other films in future if the characters seem to have a life after the film,” reveals Kunal.

Kunal heavily relies on new experimentations. He never hesitates to adopt new ideas. When last week Kunal and his director Danish Aslam shot a music video for the movie, Kunal was reluctant on cutting it down. But the leading pair and Danish insisted to keep the video. “I really didn’t want to do a music video.I was the first one to do music video in our films for Hum Tum. But now everyone is doing it .So I was against doing one in Break Ke Baad,” explains Kunal.

Deepika Padukone in Break ke Baad

Deepika Padukone in Break ke Baad

So what was that Kunal got convinced and kept the music video even for ‘Break Ke Baad’. It was lyrics of the song. “I wanted a song about separation. But I didn’t want the words, ‘Break Ke Baad’. Prasoon Joshi came up with such a wonderful line Dooriyan zaroori hai.

I was like, wow! All our love songs talk about separation being not worth considering. And separation was seen as important in every relationship. Every relationship needs space. I liked that concept,” discloses Kunal.

This music video would be part of the newly-shot epilogue in Break Ke Baad.


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