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Is Deepika Padukone Patching Up with Ranbir Kapoor?

Bollywood News Aug 22, 2011 No comments
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While at the same time Deepika Padukone is planning to get rid of her Ranbir Kapoor’s tattoo. What if Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor patches up? What? Did you say you would be glad to hear this!

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Then certainly it is good news for you. The tinsel town is abuzz with rumors that one time lovers Ranbir and Deepika are apparently getting closer. The two have been lately meeting each other at Ayan Mukerji’s house for a discussion on his upcoming project. So the reports suggest that the two may patch up.

A close source to Ayan reported to a daily that the director has made sure that the stars forget their personal issues and feel comfortable in each other’s company to create magical chemistry onscreen. Everyone knows about the duo’s breakup two years back, so this time when they come on screen together their qualms shouldn’t be visible to the audience.

Adding further the source said, “There has been lot of bad blood between Ranbir and Deepika when they were breaking up. They have now realized that a lot of the negativity was engineered and that none of them had a role to play in it. Both are now determined to be good friends which initially were the case before they started dating.”

Friends of Deepika Padukone also say that Deepika doesn’t like people asking her for the reason behind retaining the Tattoo with initials of RK now when she has broken up with the guy long back. Considering this, the lady has made her mind to get rid of the tattoo and remove it for it reminds her of her love relationship with Ranbir.

Deepika Padukone herself confessed, “Not because I’m ashamed of it or embarrassed by it, as I am not apologetic about anything that I have done in my life, including the tattoo. It’s just that people around me are constantly bothered about it, which in turn is troubling me. So I’ve decided to get it removed.”

Deepika never wanted to get the tattoo removed as it reminded her of the fond memories that she would love to cherish lifelong. But the people around her perturbed her to such an extent questioning about the tattoo that she was left with no other choice but to remove it.

However, when the actress was asked whether it’s true that she is planning to erase the tattoo, Deepika confirmed, “Why should it be a matter of concern for anyone? It’s my tattoo. I’ve to deal with it. I’ve to wake up and see it every morning. I will decide what to do with it.”

Of course gal! It’s your personal life and your personal decision.


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