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Is Rituparna Sengupta’s Look Inspired By Vidya Balan

Bollywood News Sep 24, 2011 No comments
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Can it be true that two different shoots have a 100 percent similarity and yet not be a copy of the first?

One look at the two pictures clearly shows that they are completely similar in look. In the November 2010 issue of the Indian edition of the FHM magazine, we see a topless Vidya Balan draped in a sari with her bareback revealing her curves and her curled hair giving her a sensuous look.

Rituparna Sengupta

Rituparna Sengupta

An exactly similar look has been shot with Rituparna Sengupta for her upcoming movie “Charulata 2011” to be directed by Agnidev Chatterjee. The only difference between the two images is that Vidya is wearing a green-bordered white sari while Rituparna has chosen to put on a white and red combination. Everything from the draping of the sari, nude back, curled hair, earrings, anklet, right to the posture, Rituparna’s look is the same as that of Vidya Balan’s.

However, the entire team of “Charulata 2011” refuses to have any knowledge whatsoever of a similar shoot done by Vidya almost a year ago.

Agnidev Chatterjee denied that the look was copied. He went on to add that his film was also not a remake of Satyajit Ray’s Charulata or Rabindranath Tagore’s Nastanir. “My film is in the contemporary with a modern-age Charulata, who has a successful marriage, but is starved for sex. This look has been chosen for her for a dream sequence, which happens when she is in hospital after a miscarriage. Here Charulata feels stripped of her clothes and hence the look. Rituparna and I mutually agreed to this look.”

When questioned whether he knew of the resemblance, his answer was a no. He said, “There could be some similarities, but for that you will have to talk to my photographer, Somnath Roy.”

The question was put to Roy, who replied, “I merely did what was told to me. It was Sandy who had styled the shoot. I have no inkling of Vidya’s magazine shoot. At present I am in Visakhapatnam and if I can get hold of an Internet access, I’ll certainly look up this magazine cover. I thought the idea had been taken up from Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings.”

Sandy too denied the fact that the semblance had anything to do with Vidya’s magazine shoot. She does admit to seeing one of the pictures of Vidya’s photo shoot, but there Vidya is seen wearing a green blouse. “I have not seen any of the other pictures. If there is a resemblance, it is but coincidental,” Said Sandy.

Rituparna declares she has no knowledge of Vidya’s shoot and that it was the makers who had approached her with a sketch of this look. “I have no idea either, whether anyone has used Vidya’s shoot for inspiration,” she reiterated.

Says Vidya’s spokesperson, “There was a time when Vidya’s looks were disapproved of, but that people are looking at her as a style symbol now is quite satisfying to know and that her image should inspire someone to duplicate it, is certainly overwhelming.”


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