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Kamal Rasheed Khan To Make A Movie On Aarushi Talwar

Bollywood News Jan 26, 2011 No comments
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According to Kamal, he is not bothered about the opinion of anybody. Kamal is stated to have said that he need not seek the permission of anybody to make the movie. He further feels that it does not matter what people feel or say, it has no consequence on his movie.

Kamal also feels that he does not need to seek permission from anybody as his movie is based on the CBI’s closure report totally. Nor does Kamal feel that he needs to meet Aarushi’s parents to get their side of the story. Further, Kamal is pompous enough to feel that Aarushi’s parents will thank him for making the film on their daughter, who was found brutally murdered. Kamal is also already aware of the legal web in which he can get stuck. Therefore, to be on the safe side Kamal plans to file a petition with the court before starting the project, stating that the movie is based on the CBI’s closure report.

The filmmaker is also reported to have said that he need not fear anybody as he is not making up or inventing the facts.

If he could show a well-known political party forcing people to leave Mumbai in his movie “Deshdrohi” and also openly promote the movie in Mumbai, then he is not scared to show the truth in the Aarushi’s murder case also.

According to a source, Kamal is already upbeat about his movie and is already building castles’ in the air. He is already talking about screening the movie in the International Film Festivals, even though he has not started shooting the picture.


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