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Karsima Kapoor’s Dangerous Ishq reaches Cannes

Bollywood News Feb 3, 2012 No comments
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Karisma Kapoor's Dangerous Ishq goes to the Cannes

Karisma Kapoor's Dangerous Ishq goes to the Cannes

This is something really exciting for Karsima Kapoor and Vikram Bhatt. The movie is turning out to be bigger than they must have expected. It has recently been revealed that Karisma Kapoor will be walking the Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival. Not only this the more exciting news is that Dangerous Ishq will be showcased in the festival along with giving a strict competition to other movies across the world. This coveted film festival is to be held during 16th to 27th May this year.

A source from the industry says, “The film has shaped up brilliantly and now the makers are confident enough to take the film to an international platform. Everyone around Karisma feels that ‘Dangerous Ishq’ deserves to be not just screened at Cannes but also compete with other international films. Plans are already been put into place for the film’s showcase there.”

Well, this is not the first film to reach Cannes. Even earlier there had been entries from our Bollywood. But this one is special for Vikram and Lolo. On one hand where Aishwarya and Sonam Kapoor are regular ones to the Cannes, Kareena missed it last year due to her busy shoot schedules. Nevertheless, Karisma will make up this year by attending the festival with her movie.

The same source adds, “Though it was earlier being contemplated that ‘Dangerous Ishq’ would be premiered at Cannes, just like Kareena’s ‘Omkara’ had in 2006, the plans were dropped since the film’s release in India would then have been extremely close to the IPL finals. The makers didn’t want to take any risk and hence decided to bring it on 11th May itself. However it has made it to the competition and would now be showcased in Cannes after its worldwide release.”
We tried to confirm the news with Vikram Bhatt also and much to our happiness, he confirms the same.


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